Information Technology

In short, anything that renders data, information or perceived knowledge in any visual, virtual, or digital format whatsoever falls into the realm of Information Technology. Many times, these systems are complex, and require configuring, maintenance, and upgrading. Along with setup, there is an inherent need to protect your information, and systems from intrusion. A thorough understanding of these systems is essential to protect them from invasion. This is why businesses realize the need to draw upon the expertise of technology professionals.

IT Staff vs IT Outsourcing

Having a staff of IT professionals at your company is certainly a nice luxury, but with that comes the cost of employing a full time IT staff (including taxes, benefits, insurance, etc.) These expenses only get higher year after year. On the other hand, Anchor Technology offers a total IT solution at a fraction of the price but with all of the benefits. Anchor Technology can offer your company high quality IT services with significant cost advantages. You could potentially save 50% to 60% over employing an IT Staff without having to compromise quality or long-term reliability. Who doesn't like to save money?

Is Information Security Really a Concern?

Every day, you get up, and get ready to leave. You set your house alarm, and lock the door. You have your car keys so you can disarm and unlock your car. Your cell phone is password protected. You take care to protect your belongings because you know there are people out there who take what does not belong to them.

At your place of business, information security is just as important. You shred your old paperwork, because you realize the need to protect that private information. Would it not be reasonable then to protect your digital versions of that information? Don't worry. Anchor Technology can secure your network, like an anchor.